Inspirations of Samiplus

May 5, 2007


I have just started a discussion blog tagged ‘Inspirations of Samiplus’. The intent is to write on topics of inspirational values open for general discussion. It’ll be based on your practical experience and how to go about and over them. Our roadmap will be leading to achieving our positive heart desires which is SUCCESS. Here’s […]

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Wisdom with Age

November 18, 2006


Today, I stood shaking my head wishing, Adams, my young friend knew the implications of his so call ‘bliss’. I’m immediately reminded of a book I read recently titled ‘I wish I knew what I know today when I was young’. Age definitely progress with wisdom. Adams was boasting to his friends how he successfully layed three […]

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Body sign call – 2

October 8, 2006


OK, since my good old friend reminded me of my state of age, I’ve been taking a second stock at my body characteristics. Today, I tried my skipping rope for a change. I had banished the poor old skipper to my ‘unwanted items’ box for some months now. On a very serious determination I started skipping, 1, 2, 3, […]

Body sign call 1

October 4, 2006


The other day I tried to carry out my irregular execise, carrying some light weights. Ooops, what’s the matter with me? I felt so heavy and cranky all over. Tried again, I just succeeded in making three jerks nothing more! Off I raced to a colleague’s house to make my report. Are you sick? he asked. […]

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Hello, you’re welcome!

March 5, 2006


Welcome to Samiplus Notes on Growing Old, a weblog of www.samiplus.netcataloging the daily events that remind us that nature is constantly at work on us. This is where to exchange experiences and ideas bordering on our daily life and body (health) languages. How do you feel when you woke up this morning that you think is pleasantly […]